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This is the rawest fucking thing you'll hear all year - these are the unadulterated demos and outtakes from Sensory Deprivation's landmark album, "Unsound". A good majority of them feature bare-bones production and ideas that were brought to fruition by the album's release date. These demos were recorded between January - March 2015. Brendan originally came to me looking for feedback on new recordings, and I loved them. I hadn't recorded anything myself and was looking for something new to do, so I offered my services in any way that would benefit him and any recordings he offered. I took some samples from an old tape recorder I had lying around and recorded whatever I felt would go well with the music Brendan was making. I also, in a spark of somewhat-stale-yet-refreshing-inspiration, I took the recording of "Deceit" from Brendan's debut "White Noise", edited it down, put several effects over it, and reversed the audio to give it a new sound. This makeover brought a drone/industrial feel to the track it was put on (Unsound). There also other things I did, such as production, but that hardly matters. Some tunes, such as "Voynich", were originally fucking massive, sprawling epics that honestly were too long for their own good, and while I liked them, they just would've never worked. And that is how this compilation came to be, based on a mutual agreement between Brendan and I. Tracks like "Voynich", "Unsound" and "Codebook Cipher" are featured here as two seperate versions, and have subtle differences between their respective versions. While the material here surely isn't Brendan's best, I genuinely hope you guys liked "Unsound", and to stay tuned for any more material. -Aaron


released May 5, 2015


tags: experimental


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Named after the project named Big Nig, the label is now focused on drone projects as of 2015.

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